Honda TLR200 Reflex


Bought as a non-runner, I repaired a problem with the fly wheel sensor, earthed the engine to frame and not to powder coating and disconnected the stop button and the engine started right up.

The chrome rims were replaced with alloy rims. They were sandblasted, then sprayed with eggshell black before the decals were applied. The hubs have been machined to reduce weight and laced with stainless steel spokes.

Each time I build a twinshock trials bike I like to try different ideas, this time instead of buying a petrol tank, I thought I would make an aluminium one, so I spent several hours making prototype card templates and finally got a pattern that seemed to work. The basic shape was copied from the Gas Gas 327 tank on my Honda twinshock special.

I tried to keep the underneath shape as simple as possible and added 40mm extra at the front to cover the frame.

Vinyls fitted and lacquered.

Petrol tank made from 1mm thick aluminium, which only weighs 969g compared to the original steel tank at 2703g.

Swinging arm sprayed silver and lacquered. side panels made from 2mm thick aluminium.

Aluminium parts lightly sand blasted, vinyls added and sprayed with lacquer.

Bike finished at last. The bike was running well until I stripped it down to respray, once reassembled it wouldn't rev up and was getting very hot, I tried all the usual things but in the end I purchased a Cotton PW22 carburettor and that fixed the problem.

Home made 3mm thick aluminium sump guard.